The Anticapitalist Platform for Momentum

A proposal to change the direction of Momentum and the Labour left

The Anticapitalist Platform for Momentum

Why have we launched the Anticapitalist Platform, and what do we stand for?Watch this video introduced by Urte Macikene, standing for the Momentum NCG in the London region.To get further updates on our campaign go to

Posted by Anticapitalist Platform on Thursday, May 28, 2020

The economy is in meltdown. The pandemic is killing tens of thousands. And the clock is ticking on the climate emergency.

But governments around the world are racing to save their crisis-ridden system and make us pay for it.

The Labour left faces two questions: how will we fight back and what is our alternative?

For five years, Jeremy Corbyn opposed the neoliberal consensus and fought for a chance to manage the system in the interests of the many, not few.

But those whose immense wealth and power depends on this unequal system would not allow their rule to be questioned.  

If we are serious about confronting the capitalist crisis – we need to get serious about the obstacles in our way.

That means recognising that time after time, the strategy of gradual, parliamentary reform of the capitalist system has failed.

Labour and trade union bureaucrats see the party as an instrument for governing within the limits imposed by the establishment.

Yet what this crisis demands is a fundamental and irreversible break with the British state which exists to defend the power, privileges and property of the billionaires.  We can’t afford to wait for the next election.

To fight back against the crises of the capitalist system, we need an anticapitalist opposition that fights for international socialism – with our official leaders where possible and without them where necessary.

As the government tries to drive us back to work to save the bosses’ economy, we need to organise workers to say – no return to unsafe work.

We need community activists to work with trade unions and Labour councils to draw up people’s budgets that reverse austerity and provide for all.

As millions lose their jobs, we need an unemployed workers’ movement to fight for guaranteed work, oppose racist scapegoating, and combat the far right.

The crisis is global – and so is its solution. We need to organise social movement assemblies to coordinate the new movements of climate justice, women’s liberation, and international solidarity.

That’s why we’ve launched the Anticapitalist Platform – because we believe that armed with a clear strategy that links resistance to the current crisis with our socialist goal, Momentum can put itself at the heart of these struggles and lead movements of protest to the struggle for power.

Our candidates


Marcel is a Labour Party activist in Northwest London.


Urte is a member of Momentum in London and an anti-Brexit campaigner.


Andy is a postal worker and CWU activist based in Leeds.

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