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A Promising Result

We would like to thank everyone who supported our campaign in the Momentum NCG elections. Our aim was to put forward an alternative programme: turn to the class struggle as the basis for rebuilding a mass movement capable of organising a socialist solution to the capitalist crises engulfing our world. We put forward this programme […]

Forward Momentum: putting members in charge?

By Andy Young Forward Momentum was launched in early April just days after the Labour Left’s defeat in the leadership and NEC elections, signalling the decisive collapse of the Corbyn project. The Momentum leadership admitted that its tactics of imposing candidates on members backfired and helped split the left.[1] This was the last straw for […]

Anticapitalist Platform responses to Momentum Anti-Racism Questions

A group of Momentum activists have posed five questions on anti-racism and racial liberation to NCG candidates via their Twitter account @Mom_Antiracism. Here are their questions and our replies. As members of the Momentum NCG, you will be deciding who Momentum will endorse for the National Executive Committee elections. How will you ensure the Momentum-endorsed […]

Momentum Renewal: Continuity at the top

The contest for leadership of Momentum is dominated by Momentum Renewal and Forward Momentum, both standing full slates for every region. The Labour left is deeply disoriented by December’s heavy defeat and the victory of right-winger Keir Starmer in the subsequent leadership. But with capitalism overtaken by a major economic and public health crisis of […]

Will Forward Momentum or Momentum Renewal democratise Momentum?

The Anticapitalist Platform is proposing that Momentum holds an annual sovereign conference, where members can take charge of Momentum’s politics, strategy and constitution, ensuring that we decide what Momentum is and does. We think this is an essential baseline for members’ democracy. Both the Forward Momentum (FM) and Momentum Renewal (MR) NCG factions recognise the […]

What kind of democracy does Momentum need?

By Rebecca Armatrading Why democracy matters The working class is facing a triple crisis – the pandemic, the recession and climate change. Corbynism is over and we face these crises under a Tory government with a right-wing party leadership. If we want to make Momentum relevant to the struggles that will emerge from these crises, […]

Who else should I vote for?

You want to vote Anticapitalist, but the Platform isn’t standing in your region – or it is and you have extra votes. Who do you vote for? We need an independent, democratic, socialist Momentum with anti-capitalist and internationalist policies. One turned outwards to build the resistance to austerity, unemployment, racism and climate crisis. Members not […]

NCG Elections: Databases and the Dialectic

By Tim Nailsea Members of Momentum may have noticed in recent months a worrying trend in communications from the Momentum national office. •             Many people have reported receiving repeated emails asking them to check whether they are still a member and that their subs are up to date. •             Some have also reported being asked […]

Video: Vote for Andy Young today

Hi, I’m Andy, I’m running for the Momentum NCG as part of the anticapitalist platform. Why? Because after the fall of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour left is at a crossroads. We face three huge crises – the pandemic itself, the climate crisis and now the biggest economic depression in a century.  Business and the government […]

A Statement on the Conduct of the NCG Election

As socialists we stand for maximum democracy and debate within our movement in order to clarify political differences and put competing ideas and strategies to the test of experience. Throughout the Momentum NCG election, supporters of, and those who have worked with, the AWL group, have been subjected to a campaign of abuse and guilt […]