Urte Macikene

Urte is an activist in Dulwich and West Norwood CLP in South London.

She first got involved in politics through the anti-cuts movement at university, going on to lead campaigns for migrants’ rights, ethical investment, and fairer housing as Vice President of her students’ union.

She joined the Labour Party in 2015 after being inspired by Corbyn’s first leadership campaign, and became more active after moving to London in 2017, serving as Youth Officer of her CLP and later Chair of her branch.

In 2019 she was involved in setting up Labour Against Racism and Fascism and coordinating grassroots Labour Party mobilisations against the far right.

She was a founding member of Labour for a Socialist Europe, a campaign set up to fight for an anticapitalist, internationalist alternative to Brexit. As a national committee member of the campaign, she coordinated the #StoptheCoup demonstrations against the prorogation of parliament and helped lead the fight to shift Labour’s position on Brexit and freedom of movement.

She is a supporter of Red Flag and regular contributor to Red Flag magazine as well as other labour movement publications. She is a Unison member active in her workplace.

Andy Young

Andy is a postal worker and workplace rep in the Communications Workers Union (CWU). Like all keyworkers, he is on the front line of the battle for workers’ rights in the pandemic.

He re-joined Labour in 2015 and was a founding member of Leeds Momentum. He is member of Leeds NE CLP, having been its campaigns officer and trade union officer.

Andy is a supporter of Red Flag and has been a socialist since the 1990s, when he joined the Liverpool Dockers strike support group.

As a delegate to Leeds TUC he was involved in its campaign Leeds Against the Cuts during the last recession. He campaigned to stop the Leeds Remploy factory shutting and against library and mental health service closures, pay cuts for bin workers and other local cuts.

Andy is an internationalist and took part in the demonstrations and summit sieges of the anti-capitalist movement, and was then involved in his local Stop the War group during the Iraq War, organising a walkout from Park Lane College as a student.

He’s been part of trade union, anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigns since, and supports free movement – if capital can move across borders, why not workers?

Marcel Golten

Marcel is an activist in Harrow East CLP in Northwest London.

He rejoined the Labour Party after Corbyn’s leadership election victory in 2015, and became an active member of the local Momentum group.

He was part of the left slate that won the positions on the local Executive Committee, first as Vice-Chair Membership, and then as Political Education Officer.

He supported the left-wing candidate in his CLP’s parliamentary candidate selection process, and took part in her campaign.

Before Corbyn’s leadership, Marcel was chair of his students union, and campaigned to make his university pay all staff a living wage, for lower rent at student accommodation, and to reverse the extension of the working day at the university.

He’s also a committed international solidarity activist, who believes in the end of the occupations in Palestine and Kashmir and campaigned against the watering down of Labour’s support for these causes. He believes Labour should oppose NATO membership, scrap trident and show solidarity with workers’ struggles worldwide.

He is a supporter of Red Flag and writes for their magazine.