Who else should I vote for?

You want to vote Anticapitalist, but the Platform isn’t standing in your region – or it is and you have extra votes. Who do you vote for?

We need an independent, democratic, socialist Momentum with anti-capitalist and internationalist policies. One turned outwards to build the resistance to austerity, unemployment, racism and climate crisis.

Members not just MPs or union leaders (or an unaccountable NCG) should decide policy and campaigning priorities.

The main slates are Momentum Renewal (the old guard) versus Forward Momentum (a mix of old guards and new lefts), which calls for more democracy. 

But both NCG slates have a) little policy, b) little commitment to democratic structures and c) little about the witch-hunt in Labour.  

For that reason, the Anticapitalist Platform has not endorsed any other candidates. 

If you are thinking of voting for other candidates, we suggest you ask each of them the following questions – you can find their contact info on their candidate pages at https://vote.peoplesmomentum.com/.

1. If you win, will you campaign for a sovereign annual conference so Momentum is controlled by its membership?

2. Will you actively oppose the witchhunt of Palestine solidarity activists campaigning against Israel’s apartheid state?

3. Do you support rank and file democracy in Labour and the unions, including democratising the union vote at Labour conference?

4. What is your strategy for placing Momentum at the heart of the struggles around the transition out of lockdown and the coming economic crisis?

We think candidates’ answers to these questions will reveal their attitude to the most fundamental issues facing Momentum.